There is a right way to leave a church and there is a wrong way to leave a church. This mini-book is about how to leave church the right way! Unfortunately, the right way to leave church has rarely been taught, resulting in many Christians “jumping ship” in a less than honorable fashion.

The first chapter of Parachutes For Sheep (the minibook) reviews the connection between leaving a church honorably and having biblical success in life. Chapters 2 and 3 include a general list of dos and don’ts when it comes time to leave a church. Six major reasons why Christians change churches include:

  • The Divine Reassignment
  • Hunger for More of God
  • Fleeing Apostasy and Heresy
  • The Geographical Move
  • Searching for an Easier Church
  • Offense

Regardless of why a Christian is considering leaving their church, Parachutes For Sheep (the minibook) is a must-read for any Christian who has thought of doing so and wants to do so honorably

Chris McMichael is a pastor, missionary, and author. After a career in geology, he and his wife took the pastorate of Engrafted Word Church. He lives in Tennessee with his wife, Manda, and their children.